Share some of Derek’s humor.

We’re hoping to share the humorous side of Derek with your comments. What are some memories that bring a smile to your face when you think of Derek?


  1. I would always see derek at the Y. I was getting ready to leave the gym when I saw derek walk in. I over heard he forgot his shorts and I said he could borrow mine. But he said he would go buy a pair. But they didn’t have any, so i let him borrow mine. Derek being so tall and i’m barely 5’8 i wasn’t sure if my shorts were long enough for him. I didn’t stay around long enough to see though. And yes he did wash them and returned them to me. Another memory was when he baptized me i swallowed a bunch of water and coughed it up all over him as i gave him a hug, hoping nobody noticed

  2. Anonymous

    >Literally the last conversation I had with your husband was one that still had me in fits of laughter as I walked out the door. He was telling me about how he had talked to you earlier that day on the phone and that you wished he was there to help with some disciplinary matters with the girls. He said to me, "Mel, I just said to her, hey honey: take the rod of the Lord… and let it be thy comfort." We both looked at each other for a second and then busted up laughing. You know he was so proud of himself for that joke, too. I relayed that story to several people on Thursday night because I loved it so much. :) -Mel

  3. Anonymous

    >When we had the very first ever CR Youth Group at our home, Charity was checking students in, they were just streaming into the house, excited to be there… Derek stood at the top of the stairs, just ready to go talk with the kids, ready to preach… then turned and looked at me and said" I'm going to pee my pants if I go down there!" … You can hear his laugh! And How Many kids accepted Christ that night!!!??? Amazing! Klaver

  4. Anonymous

    >Will never forget Derek's passion for his marriage…and the wonderful post-wedding night awkwardness he loved to tell us about…so blunt…so hysterical. I plan to pass that on to your girls!!! -Jenn Robinson

  5. Kris- A Servant of Christ

    >During one of our weekly discipleship meetings Derek tossed me one of his seminary papers. Since I am a Bible major at Cornerstone we would often talk about faith and academics. He had written essentially sermon on Romans (not so academic one at that, typical Derek fashion)

    He responded to me voice raised with passion…


    I burst out in laughter. I'll carry that truth with me for the rest of my academic study.

  6. Anonymous

    >and how about that "Drop it Like it's Hot" T-shirt!
    Chris Bouma

  7. Anonymous

    >One night after student ministries at the Sikmas, Mindy and I were heading heading home and Derek was behind us when a goose started walking out into the road, I swerved and missed it but since there was oncoming traffic, Derek couldn't avoid it. About a minute later he called my phone and said, "Dude, I just smoked that goose". He felt bad about it but we laugh every time we think about that or see a goose along the side of the road.
    Chris Bouma

  8. Anonymous

    >So at one of our weekly discipleship times (which we started doing in Fall of 2008) at Starbucks we both saw a scooter sitting out in front of the building with a "God is Green" sticker on it. Derek asked whose scooter it was and one of the employees said it was theirs. He asked what the sticker meant and the worker told us. As we walked away, and I admit I totally agreed with it, Derek said "God isn't green, He's White…White Hot Holy"…and then we laughed together about it for the next few minutes before we started studying God's word over a couple of Frappucinos…
    Chris Bouma

  9. jeremiah and missy weismann

    >i was thinking about one of the last times we saw derek, and he was telling about his experience so far in coaching ella's soccer team. she was struggling for motivation to play. so he told her is she played hard, (or scored a goal? i'm a little fuzzy on the details) that he would get her something special on the way home. so she ran out and scored two goals! he was laughing so hard when he told us. :)

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