About Derek & Dylan Taatjes.

On April 14, 2011 Derek Taatjes and his infant son, Dylan James, passed away in a tragic house ­fire, leaving behind Charity, mother and wife of 11 years, Ella (age 4) and Johanna (age 3). Additionally, the ­fire that took Derek and Dylan also ravaged the family’s home.

In their time as a family of five, the Taatjes’ have left a lasting impact on their community, neighbors, friends, and loved ones. Their door has never been closed to those in need, the opportunity to share God’s love has never been lost, and a hug has never been spared. Trough work as a youth pastor at Crossroads Bible Church, Derek has left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of countless young people, with Charity always at his side to help direct his unbridled passion. And although the Taatjes family was only blessed with Dylan for 5 months, his joyful spirit and undeniable energy brought smiles to everyone he encountered.

Currently, Charity and the girls have temporary housing. The fire damaged home has been sold and it’s Charity’s longterm hope that a permanent home will be located since this is very important for the girls’ developmental well-being. Another primary consideration is providing an educational fund for the girls. The family is overwhelmed at the blessings they’ve received since the passing of Derek and Dylan. Prayer has been given from states and countries near and far. Strangers and loved ones alike have lent support, offered their homes, and donated money toward immediate needs like clothes and day-to-day supplies.

Charity and the girls are feeling the touch of Jesus in every expression of love they continue to receive.

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  1. Susan Werdon

    I don’t know you well but would call you an aquantance. Years ago in Illinois at the house of Steve and Susie VanPoolen was the first time I met you and Derek. They were living on Illinois Street and as I recall you might have been there before Derek. A calm, beautiful young woman with a contagious smile that left me wanting to smile.
    It was not long and in came Derek. He was tall with dark hair, had a HUGE smile on his face and a voice that could not be ignored. I don’t remember what was said after our introduction but a huge force walked into that house that day. The room filled with laughter and noise and some talking of who I was to the VP’s. If I recall the guys were going golfing.
    I met Derek but a couple times after that but am happy to have known of him thru Steve and Susie so I know a little about this man you loved and write about.
    All your words Charity touch my heart deeply with sadness for your loss yet with smiles and joy for the life you and Derek had together. Happy Birthday Derek…a birthday that will be celebrated and remembered with sweet memories for years to come.

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