a love for heels…

by Charity Carpenter Taatjes on Thursday, September 8, 2011 at 5:57pm

A little confession…I love heels. They just make me feel…I don’t know something. I think they look great. As cute or stylish as some of my flats are, there is nothing like a heel. I know this is so silly since I am almost 6 feet tall and heels are not really mommy friendly, but I just love them. Funny thing due to the circumstances of the last 4+months I haven’t worn them, at all. My summer was thankfully filled with flip flops and flat sandals. So, today is my return to heels. A great pair of Cole Haan snake skinned pumps that I picked up at the Nordstrom’s rack are my re-training pair of choice. Walking in heels is not like riding a bike…time off definitely shows. Gone are the skills that I gained while living in Chicago, where I walked over a mile every day to and from the el in my heels…sometimes even running in them to catch the approaching train (I have the bunions now to prove it). Today, I stood for a 30 minute “stand-up meeting” and wobbled. My heel wearing muscles are weak and out of shape. I need some heel training wheels.

Kind of funny how wearing my heels is a little reflection of my life right now. Something that used to be so normal and natural feels so irregular and abnormal. Like my new pair of pumps, on the outside I look beautiful and like I have it together…but as soon as I try to stand or walk a little too far…my ankles buckle…my heart aches. On the inside, I wave off floods of emotion..over little things and big things…like remembering how my last conversation was in between phone calls with work about a particular project that we were discussing Tuesday, my first day back to work. Hearing the project’s and vendor’s names took me back to my last conversation with Derek…or a friend and I talking about her 40th birthday…Derek and I celebrated with her and her husband…missing that night…missing the couple relationship dynamic that comes with a four-some…missing that Derek won’t be planning my 40th birthday (don’t worry I have 5 birthdays to prepare for that one.) I need some life training wheels. Just a little help before some of my strength returns.

For now, I will just look down at my new pair of Cole Haan snake skinned pumps and let them bring me a little happiness…smiling just because I LOVE heels. They look great. So my advice is twofold… one, enjoy the little things in life. Two,invest in the Cole Haan pumps because they do have the Nike Air system in them. So as far as pumps go, they don’t get more comfortable than this.



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  1. Becky Hamilton

    Dear Charity,

    Jim & I were reading the recent Taylor Magazine, and we were shocked to read about your great loss. We are friends of your Mom & Dad’s, and missionaries that they supported for many years.

    We met you some years ago, and were so glad that you were going to Taylor because that is where we met ( fall of 1961). We have a picture from maybe two Christmas’ ago of your family with your Dad & Mom. I often thought about how wonderful it was for them to have Derek in their lives because of the loss of your brother.

    We have lost contact with them, and have wondered how they are doing. From the article in the TU Magazine, I imagine you were with them when the tragedy occured. We just felt a rush of compassion for you all, and wanted you and George & Linda to know that our thoughts and prayers will be with you all.

    Thanks for your honesty and your continued testimony at a time like this. We know your loss is very great, and as your story regarding heels, and the one I read on time, indicate…you are learning to walk again, a step at a time. God will take you by the hand, and stay by your side for each of those steps.

    Would you be able to connect us again with your Dad & Mom?

    With thanks,
    Jim & Becky Hamilton

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