Appreciation.  It has been 5 months. 5 months to even begin to put into words my appreciation for the love and support that has been bestowed upon the Taatjes family, Ella, Johanna and myself. I still struggle putting words to my feelings, but I want to try.  I have starting writing this several times and the amount of appreciation I feel is hard to articulate.  In the initial moments of shock and disbelief, we had clothes, toys, food and encouragement.  I felt held up by friends and family.  The outpouring of prayer, cards, words and support were indescribable.

People.  Love.  Support.  Prayer.  Encouragement.  Beauty.  Toys.  Companions.  Shoulders.  Needs.  Abundance.  Clothes.  Help.  Time.  Arms.  Joy.

Some people have asked how?  How are you doing?  How did you get through the past 5 months? How did you get up in the morning?  How do you smile?  There are many many things that go into that answer, but the main one I want to express today is gratitude.  In the midst of sadness and darkness, people’s love and support have been light.  People constantly giving their time and resources.  As time has past, support has continued to pour in. When I have felt so alone, someone gave her time.  People constantly putting my family’s needs above their own through meals, financial support, running errands or helping me move.  Appreciation is not a strong enough word to describe how the gifts given have given us security, comfort and hope in a time of pain, uncertainty and sadness.

Thankful for Derek and Dylan.  A husband who loved me in way that gave me an example of how Christ loves me. The loss of a son, helping me understand the sacrifice of God’s son Jesus.  Gratitude for two girls full of life that kept me getting out of bed.  Blessed by a church, friends, family, a workplace that have outpoured gifts, love and support.  Indesribable outpouring of strangers, people I have never met.  Thankful for the ultimate gift, Salvation.  If it were the only gift I received in my life, my heart would still be one of gratitude. Naked I have come from my mother’s womb, naked I will return.  The Lord gives and the Lord takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord.

So to everyone that has given to us whether financial, encouragement, time, or prayer, Thank-you!  It still doesn’t seem like enough….but thank-you.  Knowing I am not walking this journey alone, has made the past months manageable and the future not so dark. I appreciate having you with me in this difficult time of my life.

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  1. Janice Van Dyke-Zeilstra


    I just keep praying that God will hold you close and there are feet and hands nearby to love and support you.
    Call or e-mail me anytime.
    Love you,

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