The Greene family…

The Greene family…
There are some people that come in your life and you just don’t know how to put into words or actions as to how grateful you are for them. A whole family that you watch and observe and your first thought probably is how can so much attractiveness exist in one family!!! But it is so much deeper. Your love for others and Christ exudes out of you. You are the true essence of servant leaders. You are the Greenes.

Laid back, so easy to be around. Full of life and fun. Opening up your home and entertaining. Everything about your entire family is inviting. You are all constant givers. Always active.

We became friends when we moved to Grand Rapids, even though we had met years before through Joya. You always all have advice and we are watching you go through life a stage a head of us. Many many nights of Derek and I coming over and sharing life with you. You always listened. Always loved on my girls and Dylan. You taught Derek and I how to be pregnant and how to be parents. Gave us hand me downs of clothes, books and toys. I watch as you prioritize family not by words but by your time, resources and actions. Your parents, siblings and children are always at the very top of your list.

When the tragedy happened, your world was turned upside for us. You often literally gave the shirt off your back, opened your home, fed the thousands (well maybe hundreds), didn’t sleep…you gave and you gave…so much time. You organized the generosity, opening hundreds of envelopes. You were a regular companion. You served, you prayed and you cried with me. This was a big sacrifice for each of you including Caleb, Olivia and Landin who had to give up time with their mom and dad, their home and normal routine. Today, you are one of ones that always helps me remember Derek and Dylan. Telling stories, loving them, and reaching out on special dates.

You have been one of my true safe places before and after the tragedy. You challenged me and held me accountable at just the right times in the right way. My debt to you is inmeasurable. Each one of you has sacrificed for us. You have all loved us through some of our ugliest times. I hope you know how amazing you are and how much we appreciate you. I really don’t know how to express it or show it.

We loved spending the past few days with you. You are amazing parents and amazing kids. Thanks for having so much fun and playing with Ella and Johanna so much. It was so good, in spite of the little stomach issue. :)

We love you!!!!

The Taatjes Girls

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