The Legacy

Derek and his infant son, Dylan, went to be with Jesus on April 14th, 2011. Though we marvel that he is now with his Creator, those of us still here are left to share what we learned from Derek…what we knew of him and what we’re each learning from this unbelievable loss. This is the place to honor the way Jesus worked in him and through him, to share stories, to laugh, to cry and be as one.


We ask that anyone posting to this forum will do so out of love and respect for Derek and his family.

If you are a member of the press, we request that none of the content shared here be used in news stories and that you do not contact any submitter as a a follow up for comment.

Thank you for the consideration that we’d show you had you suffered a loss this great.


  1. Bree McBrayer

    The Matchbox — will always and forever remain a special place to mike and I because if the memories we shared with Derek and Charity. Love you!!!

  2. Raquel anderson

    I remember like it was yesterday the college retreat fall of 2010 I was sitting by the fire place I was upset about things that were happening in my life and I had just met Derek that morning and he came to me and asked me way was wrong and I told him and he asked me what were my plans in life and I told him to grow close to God and to be a nurse and he to me those were great plans but I was thinking in my my head no this Guy must be crazy I could never life up to those dreams but he kept encouraging me the rest of the weekend at chapel that weekend u could tell he was filling the room with God when he would stretch his arm up wide and open his awesome big hand to the sky I was like this man is awesome by Sunday the last day of the retreat he had a place in my heart an place so big I felt like he was the dad I never and I told him and he gave me a hug and told me to be strong and to look ahead at the positive……I MISS DEREK ALOT AND I NEVER FORGET HIM HE WOULD MAKE U HAPPY EVEN IN U DARKEST MOMENTS HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEREK


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